A disabled man gets out of his wheelchair and puts his life on the line to rescue a kitten trapped in a drain… Watch the amazing video below

A Malaysian crippled man has been commended for his charity after leaving his wheelchair to rescue a little kitten trapped in a storm drain with no chance of escaping.

Abu Fathiyyaturahma Menk Abdun Mujtahid, a paralympic athlete, is 30 years old. On their approach to the neighboring Kota Kinabalu Sports Complex, he and his crippled companion came upon a kitten caught in a drain, clinging to the concrete barricades. Abu wrote in Malay that the poor thing was already soaked.

Despite the fact that Abu is unable to use his legs and the odds are stacked against them both, he leaped from his wheelchair to assist the stranded cat. Abu reached down with his arm, carefully picking up the kitten and moving it to a safer location. Because the kitten appeared to be in good health, she cheerfully left him and went about her business as soon as Abu placed it on the grass.

His friend, who was unable to get down due to his prosthetic leg, was able to film Abu rescuing the kitten.

Abu posted a video of the touching scene and related the story. Everyone complimented him for his selflessness and for rescuing the cat in such perilous conditions.

Watch it here:

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