A man struggles to warm a popcorn that was shivering outside his window

A man was caught struggling to warm a poor little popcorn who was shivering outside his window.

Stories like these are really wonderful, they show us that there are angels on earth who are disguised as human beings who become heroes of the most vulnerable, especially animals.

This man with a good and big heart, identified as Sabahattin Yılmaz, is one of those angels, who decided to help the little dove that was helpless and shivering from the cold at the expense of the weather.

Sabahattin’s good deed was recorded in an improvised video that was later posted on social media captivating thousands of people who applauded this man’s generosity.

The man had the most emotional and supportive gesture with the pigeon that begged for some heat

The innocent little dove was soaked and trembling, everything indicated that she had not been able to find a shelter in time to protect herself from the storm.

Luckily, Sabahattin was aware of the bird’s presence and that something was not right. Fortunately for this pigeon, this good man decided to help her without a moment’s hesitation.

Sabahattin got creative and came up with a great idea always thinking about the welfare of the pigeon.

Sabahattin knew he had to calm the bird’s chill. He thought that if he risked bringing the pigeon into his apartment it might cause him unnecessary stress , and he didn’t want that to happen. So he went to look for something that would give her warmth without having to move her from the place.

He immediately got going and using a hair dryer provided the popcorn with a quick and safe way to dry off and quickly warm up.

The images show us that Sabahattin’s idea was more than great.

Unbeknownst to Sabahattin , a passerby passing in the street below was stunned to see the man’s efforts that matched the size of his heart.

He also did not hesitate to capture the incredible act with his camera recording the video that has gone around the world. Millions of people around the world have expressed their admiration for the generosity, empathy and sensitivity of this angel.

See for yourself in the scenes that soon went viral on social media:

“The pigeon recovered after warming it up a bit,” Sabahattin said.

After the man went viral, local mainstream media outlets tracked down Sabahattin for more information about him. Turns out the ending was just as moving as the gesture itself.

He took pity on the little creature trembling from the inclement cold

“I also gave him bird food. I heated her up again after 15 minutes, and when she recovered well and ate the food from her, she quietly flew away,” Sabahattin added.

Although the welfare of a single pigeon in the world may matter very little to some people, this good man is happy to have helped her.

The best reward for the man was to see her recomposed and fly free and happy thanks to her gesture

“She has a life too, that’s why I did it,” Sabahattin told the media.

What this man did is truly priceless. To many, he was nothing more than an accidentally wet animal. To him, a creature that needed not only warmth and protection, but all of his love. And he would not rest until he provided all the help he needed.

Sabahattin’s act shows that he is different from the rest of those people who are indifferent to the needs of animals. I wish there were more people like him!

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