A pit bull which was used as a fighting dog, unfortunately now it has lost his ears. Despite all the difficulties he still continues to smile

In South Carolina, a man found a Pit Bull Terrier with severe injuries to his neck, head, and body. York County Animal Control took the dog to York for treatment.

The puppy was operated because he was in need of skingrafting on his ears. The ears were badly injured. Gratefully, they discovered that the dog pit bull has a sense of listening. Thr surgery went on very fortunate and lucky. The dog was given medications for his horrible hurms.

The veterinarian thought that the dog had been abused, misused, and beaten to the point where he had become disfigured and a danger to himself. Scooter lived in a safe house until he got fixed. As of now, he has a forever home and a friendly, caring family. Thankfully, the pup is luckier now!

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