A Touching Video Demonstrates What Love Can Do For A Sad Shelter Cat

Otie is currently curled up and purring, making it hard to believe that he was previously just another lonely cat looking for a loving home. But that’s just how his mother, Alyssa Keeling, came across him when she went to her neighborhood animal shelter.

According to Keeling, “He was obviously sad,” The Dodo. But he also had a strong personality that could not be contained.

Otie was in a bad mood. Then everything was different.


Though Otie’s dour disposition at the shelter may have turned off some potential adopters, assuming he would be an unfriendly pet, Keeling decided to open her heart to him. She soon discovered Otie’s true nature.

“When he was finally in his new home, it’s like a switch flipped. Otie came to life,” Keeling said.

She put together this adorable video to show Otie’s transformation — a heartwarming demonstration of what love can do to a sad shelter cat:

Otie has blossomed.

And it’s all thanks to Keeling’s ability to see past his sadness at the shelter.


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