Abused Pony Sold Off For Meat Trade, Hugs Man Who Saved Him At The Last Minute

When Texas couple Natasha and Kirk Hance moved to a small farm in Fort Worth, their goal was to give their five children and their rescue horses an open space in which they could bond and thrive, writes ilovemydogsomuch But, they had little idea that they would end up adding more horses to the family!

The couple found a brutal horse auction being carried out locally. Most of the buyers were from slaughterhouses. They catered to the high demand of horse meat in countries like China, Germany and Switzerland. Kirk ended up saving two mini-horses just before they were being shipped off to the slaughterhouse! Tobias, one of the rescued ponies, showed signs of extreme neglect and abuse. He would hang his head and stare at the ground all day. He avoided the familys attempts to touch him or pet him. Kirk started getting really worried about the horses severe depressi

However, after 48 hours, it finally dawned on Tobias that he has been rescued and there was no catch in the love that he received. He finally embraced Kirk as his dad and hugged him with a sense of relief and happiness. This video of Tobias hugging his new dad will melt your heart! Click the video below to watch Tobias finally realizing that he is safe as he hugs Kirk to express his gratitude!

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