After 7 Years Apart A Man Had An Emotional Reunion With His Lost 19 Year Cat

An unexpected call telling a guy named Robert that his pet cat, Chebon, was still alive shocked him earlier this month.

Robert hadn’t seen Chebon in seven years; she vanished right before their planned relocation from California to Ohio. Robert, who wished to remain anonymous, delayed his transfer so he could stay and look for his cherished pet, but after a year with no luck and no leads, he was forced to go.

In a video that was put on the Facebook page of Ventura County Animal Services, Robert stated, “I remember at one time I was praying and I said, ‘God, I’ll do anything, just bring my Chebon back.’”


Then, the impossible happened. A compassionate woman took a sickly-appearing cat she saw by the side of the road to a nearby veterinarian. The cat seemed fairly healthy, except from being a little dehydrated and filthy from life on the streets. Robert’s name appeared when they ran a microchip scan on him. Additionally, they learned that the cat was actually 19 years old.

Robert stated, “I was worried there was some sort of error.

Robert drove up to the Camarillo Animal Shelter and immediately booked a trip to Los Angeles. His eyes softened when they opened a cardboard box as soon as they brought him into a private room.


It seemed as though no time had gone when Robert and Chebon finally got to see one another after seven years. No one in the room could keep a dry eye.

Randy Friedman, the marketing manager for Ventura County Animal Services, told The Dodo that “everyone in that room — there was another animal control officer and she was sobbing, I was tearing up.” “It was incredible from start to finish, and it was all because to a microchip.”

Chebon climbed out of the box and wrapped his paws around his dad’s shoulder as if he knew he was finally safe.

“At one point, [Chebon] hugged him, and Robert just started bawling,” Friedman said. “You don’t see that in cats too much … It was just so touching.”

Now that Chebon is finally back home where he belongs, he can spend his golden years in comfort. And the two will never let each other go ever again.

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