After Being Caged For 13 Years An Excited Lion Gets Rescued From Circus And Feels Grass For The First Time

A recent video released by an animal sanctuary in Brazil called Rancho dos Gnomos aroused a mixed emotion of pure delight and empathy. Rancho dos Gnomos has been working as an animal sanctuary in Brazil and is aimed at the rehabilitation of wild exotic animals. They have a very professional and trained staff. They aim to care for animals, especially those who are wild by nature but have not lived in their natural habitat and have been ill-treated in one way or another.

The video is of a 13-year-old Lion named Will. He has been a part of a circus his whole life. His life has been spent performing and traveling. He has not lived in the wild ever so he has no idea of how the natural surfaces feel like. Since he has spent his life in cages, all he was aware of is how concrete or a metal surface feels.

This is exactly why this video is so unique and heartwarming. It was filmed when Will stepped onto dirt and grass for the first time in his entire life.

After spending his whole life in the confines of a cage, this definitely was a wholesome experience for him.

Will feeling grass for the first time in his life
Will was devoid of any experience of living freely and normally. It was expected of him that he may take time getting used to his new surroundings and circumstances. To the utter surprise of everyone, he was happy and overjoyed making himself familiar with dirt and grass.

He rubbed his pawas on the dirt and grass. The softness of it made him excited and happy. finally, after 13 years of confinement and circus life, he was close to nature in his natural habitat, free of the bars of the cage. Despite his age, he expressed his feelings running and rolling around in the grass.

This footage dates back to 2006 when Will was released from the circus and taken in by Rancho dos Gnomos. However, it was released quite recently.

Will died in 2011 as he has spent his years on earth but it is reassuring to know that he got to enjoy his life before his passing.

Take a look at this video but be warned that it will make you emotional and teary-eyed.

Will feeling grass for the first time in his life

Will enjoying the touch of grass and dirt
“He had five years of tranquility before he died. Here he had the opportunity to interact with other lions. He loved to lie in grass and look at the sky,” shared Marcos Pompeo, the sanctuary founder.

Any person with an ounce of humanity and kindness is sure to be moved by this video. The appreciation goes to the team of Ranchos dos Gnomos for providing a safe place for such animals and taking such good care of them. Will’s reaction upon his release in this video makes the mission of Ranchos dos Gnomos all the more worthwhile.

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