After Being Saved, A Feral Older Cat Transforms Into Total Mama’s Boy

Meet Mr. Belvedere, a tomcat that has spent the last ten years living on the streets as a wild cat.

Before he met Lindsay Raturi, a great woman who has transformed his life, no one anticipated that this cat would find a forever home. She and the rescuers put up traps to catch Mr. B since they badly wanted to offer him a better life, but it is challenging because he is an outside wild cat.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

One day, Raturi went to check her cat trap and she was surprised when finding Mr. B inside. She brought Mr. B to the vet and she knew she would do everything she could to make him healthy again.

After that, Raturi started looking for the right forever home for him. Thankfully, a cat lover named Jenna Decristofaro adopted the cat and gave him a happy home.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Decristofaro confessed, “When I saw him, I cried.” He was carried up to my flat, where we gave him free rein. I cry just remembering it since it was such a great time.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Decristofaro stated, “I wanted him to enjoy a wonderful, long, and happy life. And I wished to participate in that.

Coastal Bend Cat Rescue

Mr. B is a sweet tomcat who has found a wonderful forever home. He got the chance he deserved to live his best life and we are so grateful. If you want to learn more about Mr. B, check out the video below.

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