Argali Sheep’s Majestic Spiral Horns Can Both Protect Them And Kill Them

Have you heard of the Argali sheep? The world’s largest sheep is the Argali sheep, commonly known as mountain sheep. They may even reach a height of one meter and weigh hundreds of kg.

Despite their beautiful beauty, these sheep have a horrible fate that they must endure. Argali sheep, like other animals, like to congregate in groups of their own kind.

This species also has longer fur than other sheep species. Argali is sought for its unusual spiral horn as well as its flesh. Their gender may be determined only by their horns and body size.

Female Argalis often have lesser horns. Some may not even have horns, unlike their male counterpart. Male Argali sheep have larger horns and are larger in size than female Argali sheep.

The horns of an Argali sheep are corkscrew-shaped, and male Argali sheep generally utilize their horns to compete with one another. However, in addition to becoming a possible weapon for other sheep, their horns can inflict de.adly injuries to themselves.

When you look closely at their horns, you can see that as the sheep get older and their horns grow larger, the horns might potentially penetrate their cheeks. In the end, the sheep may pe.ri.s.h as a result of their own l.e.t.h.al horns. The horns, which were originally utilized as a weapon to protect themselves, became the greatest threat to their own lives.

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