Baby Elephant Throws Cutest Temper Tantrum Ever Caught on Camera

If you’ve ever been a parent, then you’ll know there’s one skill all children excel at… throwing temper tantrums, writes kingdomstv.

When a child doesn’t get their way, you’re bound to see them scream, cry and throwing themselves all over the floor.

While we all know that temper tantrums are an unavoidable aspect of parenting human children, as it turns out, the same can be said for other species.

In the video, you can see how the elephant mother reacts when her baby throws a tantrum in the middle of the road.
She quickly jumps into action and handles the situation, just what moms do best!

The baby pulls all sorts of moves, from rocking to ear flapping and even falling over to express its irritation.

The little guy is completely ignored by all the passing adults in the herd.

“We waited but after a few minutes of roadside grazing the females and other elephants moved into the roadside bush,” Antonio da Cruz, that witnessed the whole scene, explained.”

“This little guy had been standing in the middle of the road and was determined to stay put.”

“After flaying his legs, head and tail a few times he looked over at his mom and she then called his bluff by moving further away into the bush. He quickly got up, gave us a stare and then chased after her.”

This story originally appeared on kingdomstv.com

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