Cat Always Sleeps While Hugging His Favorite Human

Noah has wished for a kitten to call his own for years. He couldn’t believe it when he woke up on Christmas two years ago and saw that Santa had given him Sir Meowsalot (Meowser for short). The 2-month-old cat was as excited to see Noah as Noah was to meet him, and the two became best friends for life almost immediately.

“There was an instant connection with my kid Noah and Meowser,” Noah and Meowser’s mother, Ashley Crow, told The Dodo. “They were inextricably linked.”

Nothing has changed after more than a year. Noah and Meowser are more in love than ever and do everything together. Everywhere one goes, the other follows, and every day it becomes clear how wonderful their relationship truly is.

“Every morning and every time he comes through the door, Meowser welcomes him with chips, purrs, and meows,” Crow added. “They do everything together, from dress-up to hide-and-seek to riding on Noah’s skateboard and Hot Wheels.”

Noah and Meowser are seldom apart — and they even snooze together in the sweetest way.

Whenever it’s time for bed or even a little nap, Noah and Meowser snuggle up together, and Meowser always chooses to sleep directly on top of Noah, wrapping him in an embrace. It’s the cutest thing ever, and it always puts a grin on everyone’s face…

… and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

“They have such an unusual relationship and have had it since the beginning,” Crow added. “One thing is certain: when Noah falls asleep, Sir Meowsalot falls asleep on top of him.”

Noah and Meowser have an unbreakable friendship, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that they’ll be best friends for the rest of their lives.

“If you ask Noah who his favorite person on the planet is, he’ll always say Sir Meowsalot because he’s more than just a cat,” Crow explained.

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