Cat Finds A Lovely House Just In Time To Save Her Babies From Being Born Outside

Salty Animal Rescue co-founders Karly and Katelyn Saltarski received a call about a pregnant cat who needed assistance with her soon-to-be-born kittens. Wren, the kitten, was received with wide arms by the rescuers, and she instantly felt protected and at home.

The expectant mother seemed at ease with her caregivers, softly lying on her side to let her large tummy full of kids to be stroked.

Karly says:

“She was found as a stray by Hamilton Animal Services. She was in poor health, suffering from an abscess beneath her chin and severe scrapes. She was given antibiotics and appeared to be doing much better.’

Wren was finally able to feel safe in a lovely nest created particularly for her and her offspring after spending so much time battling to live on the streets.

According to the rescuers,

“She was fairly plump, and we assumed we’d be expecting her babies any day now.”

Wren went into labor just a few days after she had settled into her new home. The kitty gave birth to five small kittens and was glad to have human assistance throughout the laborious childbirth procedure.

Wren gazed gently at her foster mother and stretched her toes on the blanket in delight while the babies named Duck, Swift, Fisher, Sparrow, and Koel eagerly fed on her tummy.

Karly added:

“We are very happy that she never has to go through another birth again. If she hadn’t been found and taken in, it’s likely that not all of her babies would have survived. She was brought in just in time, so we were able to provide her with a safe, warm place to give birth.”

Wren is a kind mother who is fully dedicated to her demanding children, but her rescuers believe she would like to be the focus of attention if she didn’t have to worry about her responsibilities as a mother.

Karly recalls:

“With the exception of a brief sip or a restroom break, he didn’t take a break for the first two weeks.” She allows herself a bit more room now that they’re a little more active.”

The kittens are constantly on the move, attempting to escape the nest. Wren, for one, is thrilled to have some alone time while her kittens explore her house and hone their feline abilities.

The rescuer says:

“She adores her children, but she adores other people much more. When she helps with the baby, she constantly sits on my lap purring.”

Last but not least, Karly told:

“Wren is the loveliest little kid and the finest mother in the world. We can’t wait for her babies to be old enough to leave the nest and for her to get the permanent home she deserves.”

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