Cat Rescued From Fire Now Looks After Other Animals In Vet Clinic

Russel survived a house fire last year, and he suffered 3rd-degree burns that, sadly, resulted in amputations. He is still hospitalized due to the extensions of his injuries and the need for constant care. But the gentle cat doesn’t let his troubles get him down and shares the love he has with other patients.

Russel helps the staff at the Animal Emergency Hospital & Urgent Care in North Carolina by visiting other animals in their rooms and soothing them. Despite the movement difficulties he is tackling, he is tireless. He won’t take a break unless the hospital staff gently encourages him.

Russel survived a house fire last year

Since he is a permanent resident in the vet clinic, Russel started to help other patients

“He wants to meet all our patients. He just wants to be with them”

“He wants to meet all our patients. He just wants to be with them,” hospital staff told the reporters. “I don’t know if he can sense that other animals are in pain…but he does seem to have some weird knack for connecting with patients.”

Russel has a long way ahead of him, and he may never fully recover – he recently underwent feet surgery. Fortunately, the donations have made it possible to live at the hospital full-time, where he will receive the best possible care.

He can sense when other animals need comfort and reassuring.

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