Dog Helping His Owner Pulling Out A Car Out Of Flood Water

It is always helpful to have a friendly dog with you. They always know how to offer their loyalty and help when we need it most.

This was especially important for a small dog who spent his day helping to rescue his owner after a stranger’s car was stranded at high tide. A harrowing scene captured on video.

Lori Gilliеs from Glasgow, Scotland, is the owner of a Spanish mare named Puck. The duo became local volunteers who flooded the water after finding a car in the middle of the flood.

Lori told the newspaper: ,,Puck and I were doing our usual walk. Then a car and a truck got stuck in the water. There were two women inside and I went down to help them.”

Scotland has been hit by bad weather in recent days, with torrential rain and storms causing flooding and traffic problems. We have never had flooding as bad as this year.” said Lori.

Lori and Puck decide to help the women by pushing their car. What they didn’t know was that the whole situation was being filmed by an onlooker who was shocked, especially after Puck decided to help push the car and truck too!

,,The dog is now pushing them. It’s incredible.” says Daviе Kеееl, who shot the video. ,,That’s it! The dog is pushing them. Look!”

Lori says Puck may be ten years old. He’s still fit and happy to be doing this work. The driver applied the parking brake and Lori managed to pull the car into a dry area with the help of the dog on the side.

,,After the handbrake was applied, there was just one or two quick jerks and the car started to turn.” she told the newspaper.

Finally, Lori heard the video clip she and Puck had so kindly made together and shared it on Facebook. “I was just doing something to help these cars, trucks and their owners get to a better place.” she said. ,,Puck is actually the best pet in the world.”

The video went viral and people around the world hailed Puck as a hero. Although the video was quite difficult to shoot, Puck’s kindness was eventually rewarded by his own father:

,,Puck was wonderful last night and greatly appreciated.” Lori told the Daily Record. ,,There’s meat in the casserole and a meat biscuit on the side.”

What a wonderful and caring dog!
Thanks to Puck for helping these people save their cars from the flood!
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