Employee suspended for rescuing cat from heights using company machinery

Heroes don’t wear capes and often risk everything to save the lives of the most innocent, even those little creatures who are experts at getting into trouble, such as cats.

And when it says “risk everything”, that’s it… And this hero is what he did, to the point that his gesture cost him the suspension of his job for the most unfair reason.

The events took place in the neighborhood of Port Richmond, Pennsylvania

Last Saturday, Maurice German was doing his job in the area when a resident asked him for help rescuing her cat, named Momma.

The cat had been trapped on top of a telephone pole for 12 hours.

German did not hesitate to help the woman with her pet who was struggling in the worst of difficulties, without even imagining that her gesture was leading her to break a rule, which would cost her dearly.

But it is that when it comes to doing good, kind souls do not measure themselves, and that is what the heart of this good worker dictated to him, he knew that he had to rescue Momma no matter what.

Maurice German used the machinery of his work: an elevator with arms to be able to reach the cat that remained in the heights. Meanwhile, the neighbors did not hesitate to record the entire feat, which culminated in the return of the little cat to its owner.

He was safe and sound! And everyone clapped in unison to thank this hero for his bravery:

Not even the great height was an obstacle for German to carry out his rescue work.

But not everything was happiness. Unfortunately, German was notified by the Verizon telecommunications company that he would be suspended for 15 days from his job , alleging that his vehicles and equipment were not intended to be used in the area where he operated.

“We are not happy about this decision. However, we are committed to and responsible for keeping our employees and customers safe while working in a particular area,” Verizon spokesman Rich Young said.

” Unfortunately, while this employee’s goal was admirable, it potentially endangered his life and the lives of those around him ,” Young said.

The cat’s owner had called the fire department, animal rescue and the phone company to try to rescue her pet.

After German was suspended, instead of being rewarded for his action, thousands of people sympathized with him and a GoFundMe page was created to help him cover those days that he would be without pay. But they never imagined that they would far exceed his goal.

In 3 days they have managed to raise more than 3,000 dollars for German, of the goal of 2,400 dollars.

He also received hundreds of messages of support, since many considered it unfair that German “had to give up receiving the salary to which he was entitled for simply being a human being who seeks to help one of our four-legged friends” , as they expressed it. on the Go Fund Me page.

It is clear that no restraint comes out with God’s blessing, but German has everyone’s support. The world needs more heroes like him!

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