Every Morning The Cat Runs Outside The House To Greet His Favorite Neighbor

One afternoon, a new resident called Dan and his wife were taking a stroll around the neighborhood when an orange cat appeared out of nowhere. He approached the pair without any fear or trepidation since he was so amazingly pleasant. They had no clue who the cat belonged to, where he had come from, or how frequently they would wind up seeing him in the years to come at that moment.

Dan, who requested that his last name not be used, told The Dodo that the dog “demanded our attention and didn’t want us to go until he was through cheek-marking and getting well-deserved pets.” He was the friendliest, kindest cat you’ve ever met and obviously well-cared for.

Credit: DAN

The couple soon learned that the cat’s name was Bosco, and he belonged to a family who lived in the neighborhood. Since Bosco was so social and curious, his family had installed a cat door for him so he could go out and greet all of his neighbors whenever he felt like it.

Dan works very close to home, and started seeing Bosco nearly every day as he walked to work. Two years later, Bosco still runs out of his house or yard to greet his favorite neighbor almost every time he passes by.

Credit: DAN

I see him every morning when the weather is beautiful, Dan added. On my way home from lunch, I often see him dozing out on the porch of a neighbor. He wakes up and comes to me right away if I call his name. Then, sometimes, he is waiting outside in the flower garden as I make my way home.

Credit: DAN

Every time Dan passes by Bosco’s house, Bosco immediately comes running over to him …

Credit: DAN

… and demands as much love and affection as Dan has time for before he has to run off to work.

Credit: DAN

When it’s too chilly or rainy for Bosco to go outside, Dan always misses their time together and looks forward to seeing Bosco every day. Since Dan relocated close to Bosco’s family, the two have become quite close, and Dan enjoys being Bosco’s favorite neighbor — at least until Bosco meets additional neighbors to welcome and hang out with.

Credit: DAN

“He loves everyone, so I’m surely not the only person who stops to pet him,” Dan said. “I think he knows when to come out to maximize the number of pets he receives!”

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