Filipino Boy Finds A Cat Giving Birth During Typhoon And His Action Will Touch Your Heart

Seasonal change at Manila Bay in Philippine often comes with a typhoon. However, a young boy remained unmoved despite being soaked to the skin. He seemed to do not care much about his safety when he spotted a mother cat going into labor in raging typhoon.

In the middle of the typhoon with huge waves, he went out of his way to protect the stray cat and her kittens from the rain. As he stood next to a breakwater, he shielded the mother cat with a large plastic sheet while he himself was heavily soaked in the rain.

With such courage and kindness, he helped the mother cat to survive through the typhoon. Finally, a local animal welfare group saved the mommy and the kittens. Volunteers quickly moved all cats to the nearest animal and started taking care of them. Thanks for protecting them! You are the hero!

This was a touching scene that photojournalist Linus Escandor captured in the middle of typhoon Egay. This young hero has taught us all a lesson in humanity, compassion and generosity. Thanks to this unknown hero our hope in humanity has been restored.

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