Firefighters say goodbye in an emotional last goodbye to their best companion, the station’s puppy

A group of firefighters was heartbroken after they had to say goodbye to the charming puppy who helped them for more than a decade inside the station. It is no secret to anyone that dogs are quite docile and faithful creatures that easily learn different commands and due to their intelligence and sense of smell they stand out in various professions with humans, such as firefighters.

This Pup Put On His Wings Leaving His Fellow Firefighters Heartbroken

The furry dear lived in Iquique, Chile, and was part of the city’s Fire Department. Together with his companions, they had been serving their community for more than 10 years, risking his integrity for the care of others.

The puppy in question was baptized as Black due to the color of his fur.

The furry one arrived at the Fire Department and immediately won over everyone in the place, it was the idea of ​​the firefighters to adopt him and make him part of the team.

The hairy guy’s job was to watch over the station while the men were in charge of answering calls and facing danger, but this doesn’t mean that Black’s work wasn’t important… On the contrary!

Negro became an essential piece in the Department.

The puppy served as an assistance dog that helped firefighters deal with the stress of work and the difficult emergencies they had to attend.

During those complicated days, Negro was next to the uniformed men wagging his tail, jumping and getting one or another sweetie from them. Everyone in the place was quite attentive to the dog.

For that reason his departure did not go unnoticed.

Negro faced a tough season in which his health was affected and at the age of 14 he ended up hanging up his wings and saying goodbye to this world, as reported by the crew in a publication on their social networks :

“Today a difficult decision was made as a Company, at 6:20 p.m. due to his delicate health, this afternoon one of our ranks, our faithful four-legged Firefighter, left this land, thank you very much for all the years that you were with us, we will remember you forever Black,” they wrote.

This puppy was not only part of the Fire Department, but also participated in official ceremonies, in company academies and in the Crispín Reyes youth brigade, in which cadets were trained, and that is why his departure moved more uniformed than firefighters from the city.

His colleagues carried the urn during the ceremony.

Due to the respect and affection they had for the puppy, the Department decided to pay tribute to him beyond mere words. Together with a group of companions, the beloved Negro was veiled.

Some local residents also came to witness the ceremony.

With an urn of his measure and a formation, the puppy that stole so many hearts among the Iquique firefighters was fired.

“Black was one of us, one of this family. He was respected, loved and loved like one more firefighter in our company, this was quite sad, there is a lot of sorrow and we fired him in a very emotional ceremony because we were saying goodbye to one more of ours, who was also an important part of this company”, explained Captain Jorge Tapia.

The puppy was ingratiated with the recognition of Honorary Firefighter, due to the great work he did during those 10 years of care and company in the Department.

“In an extraordinary meeting of officers, he was awarded the quality of Honorary Firefighter, which is the highest distinction that our firefighters receive when they complete 14 years in our company. Precisely he accompanied us for 14 years, he arrived as a puppy at our first barracks. Later, when we moved to our current barracks on Calle Playa El Águila, Negro got into the car and came with us,” the captain recalled

Both Tapia and the other firefighters felt lucky to have had a creature like this puppy in recent years, but they greatly regret his departure. We are pleased to know that these uniformed men did the same and gave an honorable burial to the faithful companion who dedicated his last years to them.

The puppies accompany us wherever we go and from the canine sky, El Negro watches over his colleagues. Blessings to these men for their big hearts.

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