Friendly Dog With Mangled Face & No Nostrils Left For Dead In Local Park

It is never a viable option to dump or abandon an animal, but there are heartless people in the world who couldnt care less about what happens to their helpless pets, writes ilovemydogsomuch Warning: GRAPHIC Content! The folks from the Pennsylvania SPCA in Philadelphia recently received word of a small Pit Bull who was roaming around the woods of Pennypack Park. Whoever left the sweet dog there did not care what happened to her nor if she lived or died.

On closer inspection of the precious pup, she had disfiguring facial injuries and was clearly a victim of dog abuse. Her eyes sunk, her body posture was low, and without intervention, she would certainly perish alone in the park. The kind folks at the Pennsylvania SPCA took her in and named her Lavendar, or Lovie, as they started calling her. Poor Lovie would need a lot of love and attention, but the rescue group dug right in to help.

Lovies abandonment wasnt the biggest concern on her saviors minds. Instead, they were concerned about her mangled face, which left her nasal passageways compromised with no nostrils visible. While she can breathe from her mouth, she may never again breathe normally. No one knows who dumped Lovie in the woods, why, or how she came to have such brutal injuries. It is the hope of the people at the Pennsylvania SPCA that someone recognizes Lovie and can provide information about her. They are committed to providing her a loving environment and the best medical care, but the Humane Law Enforcement team would like to find the monster who did this to Lovie.

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