Giant Python Can’t Move After Swallowing 2 Goats

The giant python just swallowed two goats and was so full that he couldn’t move

People in Malaysia were extremely surprised when they caught a giant python that had just swallowed two goats and was so full that it could not move.

The 4.9-meter-long gluttonous python devoured goats at people’s farms after slithering over a barbed wire fence in a remote village in the state of Pahang, Malaysia, Mogaz News reported.

Residents panicked when they saw the python lying lazily in the mud in an effort to digest the large meal. Its bloated mid-body wobbled because the two goats had been partially digested.

At first, afraid of approaching the open-mouthed animal, the villagers poked it with sticks. However, the python couldn’t even defend itself, had to accept being tied up and put on a truck.

“This is the longest python I’ve ever seen. It ate two goats on the farm and couldn’t move. It was a lesson learned for its gluttony. It took three to four men to lift it. get in the car. It’s really long,” said Akouck Joe Gank, a local.

According to scientists, after eating large prey, a python’s body undergoes some major changes to digest the meal. Its internal organs rapidly increased in size many times larger and changed in function. The fate of this gluttonous python is unknown.

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