He Suffered Alone & Became A ‘Sack Of Bones’ As No One Would Give Him Any Food

Billy the homeless dog was a sack of bones and in a dying state when he was picked up from the streets, writes ilovemydogsomuch His organs were in bad shape due to starvation and his severely contagious mange worsened his chances of survival. He was just an empty shell who could barely stand, so his rescuers decided it would be merciful to put him to sleep.

However, one woman wasnt too keen on giving up on Billy yet. She took him to her home and made him a cozy bed in an unused bathroom. She didnt know if Billy was going to make it, but she wanted him to experience the comfort and love that he had been deprived of all his life.

For several weeks, Billy found sanctuary in his solitary corner. The woman visited him for food, medications and a bathroom break, but all Billy wanted to do was sleep all day. It was a moment of pure miracle when the dog finally found the strength to stand up and walk on his own to embrace the woman who gave him a second chance!

As the woman began sharing photo updates on Billys progress, many people got suspicious and called her out for swapping Billy with another dog. It was then that she made this video to prove that Billys journey was very much real, no matter how inconceivable it seemed! Do keep tissues handy as you watch the bittersweet ending of this video. Click the video below to watch how the woman pulled Billy out from the brink of death and changed his life forever!

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