Heroic Guy Saves Kitten By Jumping Into Storm Drain

A heroic man jumped into a drain, throwing himself into a small well to rescue a stray kitten. All his heroism was caught on camera. A small tabby kitten was hiding in the engine of a car close to a parking garage. When the driver returned to his car, the kitten straight away jumped out and ran for cover. It ran towards the body of the storm and got stuck there.

When Avi Kuzi heard that the kitten was trapped in the sewer, he rushed to help. ,,No matter how hard the journey is, I can always be there for animals.” Avi said. Avi is passionate about animal rescue in Israel and has saved thousands of animals through his heroic efforts.

“It’s not just because I love animals.” he says. “It’s much more than that. They are part of my blood. They give me an extra love in my body.”

Avi lets us know that the loving kitty is doing great for the moment.

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