Kitten Brothers Do The Cutest Thing So They’ll Be Adopted Together

Two little kittens named Marlow and Mittens were discovered together as strays, but no one recognized how closely related they truly were.

The duo was clearly linked from the minute they entered the RSPCA’s shelter, but staff members believed they would have a greater chance of finding forever homes if they were posted about individually and weren’t required to be adopted out together. However, the adorable kitty brothers had other ideas.

Grace Serena and her boyfriend chose to meet Marlow after seeing his picture on the RSPCA website and realizing right away that he was the kitty for them. Upon the couple’s arrival, the young kittens immediately devised a strategy to ensure that they wouldn’t be separated, even though they were unaware that Marlow had a sibling.

Marlow and Mittens put on the sweetest smiles while clinging to one another tightly…

… sealing the deal by cuddling up to their new potential parents as well.

Although they acknowledged that this particular pair was closer than most, Serena told The Dodo that they were prepared to adopt them out individually. Marlow and I had a close relationship, and Jake, my partner, adored Mittens. We came to the conclusion after much thought that it was either both cats or none at all, and let’s be honest, having no cats is NEVER a smart choice.

The couple had first made the decision to adopt a cat because Jake was going through a difficult emotional moment. But as soon as they saw Marlow and Mittens, all rationality vanished, and all they could think of was rescuing the best friends from the animal shelter and finding them a home where they could spend the rest of their lives cuddling.

Serena stated, “We almost completely lost sight of the original reason for obtaining a new pet and adopted them out of sheer love and total cuteness.

When Marlow and Mittens learned they would be living together after moving into their new place, they were ecstatic…

After bringing them home, Serena remarked, “I was anticipating them to both be rather nervous about their change of surroundings.” “I’ve adopted pets in the past, and you often discover that your new pet hides for the first 24 hours to find a place where they ‘feel comfortable,’ and they won’t come out until they’ve gotten used to the new smells and surroundings. The contrast between these two was utter. They were first curious before making themselves at home on our bed right away. They made the space their own right away and appeared to be really at ease in their new home.

About a week has passed since Marlow and Mittens moved into their new house, and the new little family is overjoyed with how everything turned out. The loving siblings immediately changed their minds, even though the couple had only intended to adopt one cat, and everyone is so happy they did.

Serena stated, “They have been a wonderful godsend for my boyfriend who was going through some tough times lately. “They have infused this home with so much love, laughter, and happiness, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with our decision to adopt them both,” the author said.

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