Man Returns Home From Work And Finds Someone Sleeping In His Bed

Hayden Winter had intended to eat supper and go to bed when he returned from work late on Tuesday night. But when he entered his bedroom, he discovered that someone had already done it.

She was curled up in Winter’s blanket and covers, looking up at him suspiciously.

Winter knew her as Fezgin, a neighborhood cat who contentedly roams the streets in his Istanbul, Turkey neighborhood.

“Istanbul is basically a city of cats and dogs,” Winter told The Dodo. “It’s really great — people just feed them and they’re part of the community.”

When Winter looked out his window, he noticed that Fezgin had pushed through the screen and settled into his bedroom. He revealed that she has broken in before, even though she doesn’t frequently climb into his bed.

Winter said, “She’s a touch wicked.” She is constantly having fun.

Winter took a few pictures and uploaded them to the exclusive Facebook group Catspotting, where her break-in received a lot of attention.

Fezgin didn’t stay that night, but Winter considers letting her remain in his bedroom if she needs a place to stay throughout the winter.

He is certain that she will appear on her own if she requires the warmth.

I have no doubt that she’ll return, remarked Winter. “She’s the boss, like all cats in Istanbul.”

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