MEET ‘Lil’ Siamese Cat with Two Legs Hops Like a Bunny, Doesn’t Let Disability Slow Her Down (VIDEO)

Meet Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, a Siamese mix cat who was born without her two front legs and only has a little bob tail but that doesn’t slow her down one bit. I can’t believe somebody gave her up because she couldn’t bury her waste! With my cat it’s hit or miss, mostly miss. I’d never give her up for such a stupid reason. My cats 14 years old. I’ve gone through hell and back with her and I would never give her up. She is my lifelong baby.

She’s so adorable! And full of life, that’s just amazing! She shows us that no matter what life still is something to enjoy!. So inspiring. This sweet cat really makes me up when I am in down. She really gives me spirit to be always energetic as her. Its all heartwarming and cute until you consider the pain her joints will be in as soon as age and arthritis set in , especially considering the extra strain her back legs endure. Good thing she lives with a vet tech.

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