Mother Hen Turns Herself Into An Umbrella To Shelter Her Babies From Heavy Rain

A mother hen, like a human mother, will do all in her ability to protect her young. A mama hen, an iconic emblem of motherly affection, will care for her baby chicks, fretting over them getting sufficient nourishment and keeping one beady eye out for outsiders. Footage from Visakhapatnam, India, has recently gone viral, demonstrating the magnitude of a mother hen’s devotion and how she would always choose the wellbeing of her young before her own. The video depicts a swarm of young chicks clinging around their mother hen. During a severe downpour, the feathery mommy spreads her wings over them, functioning as a living umbrella for her offspring.

She, like many parents, doesn’t mind if her feathers get wet from the rainfall; all she cares about is keeping her children warm, dry, and cozy. According to the individual who took the poignant footage: “This video was captured at a local fish market during heavy rain, and we can witness mother’s love in nature’s [sic] manner.” In severe rain, a hen shields its chicks. Those who have seen the video have been moved by the hen’s dedication, complimenting her parenting abilities and ingenuity. One participant reflected, “Perhaps one day they’ll comprehend all the sacrifices she voluntarily made in order to live for them.”

Another person said, “They’re so cute, I just hope the owner would put them under cover as they did with whatever’s behind that green tarp.” According to LiveScience, hens will exhibit a bodily reaction when their chicks are in discomfort, implying that they understand their sentiments. According to reports, when researchers send a puff of air at chickens that have separated from their chicks but can still see, smell, and hear them, they become more alert to their environment.

When the mother hen’s chicks were the object of the blast of air, her reaction was more powerful, similar to a ‘fight or flight’ reaction. The heart rates of the chickens increased, as did their temperatures. This was true even when the chicks weren’t crying out in ᴘᴀɪɴ. According to Joanne Edgar of the University of Bristol, mother hens also put out a maternal vocalization’ sound, which they use to call their offspring over: it also improves the chicks’ memory development. Then they’ll know what to do if the situation comes again. Hopefully, this cute family found a cozy spot to cuddle up together when the shooting ended, and the chicks will one day appreciate this thoughtful gesture from their loving mother.

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