Cat who has never lived in a house finds it incredible that all this is for her

Everything was unknown within the first several months of Jolie’s existence. She was found as a stray in Florida and was moved around between foster homes and rescue organizations. When Deanna McCallum, who would become her future mother, learned about her, she realized she could provide the stability she was searching for so she could finally unwind.

Before I was able to meet her through Zoom, “she had been at Cape Ann Animal Aid for quite a long,” McCallum told The Dodo. I saw right away that she needed a caring home.


After that Zoom call, McCallum immediately decided to adopt sweet Jolie and give her the forever home she’d always wanted. She wasn’t able to actually meet Jolie in person before picking her up, and when she arrived, she was already settled into her carrier — so McCallum just grabbed the carrier and headed home. The pair finally met when Jolie peeked her head out of her carrier and saw her new home and mom for the very first time.

“She was extremely nervous when we got home! I opened her carrier and let her look around for a while,” McCallum said.


Jolie was undoubtedly apprehensive, but her new mother could see from the expression on her face that she was also simply amazed that this was all for her. Jolie was at last at home after so much uncertainty.

Even while it had been difficult not being able to get to know Jolie in person before bringing her home, seeing the expression on her face when she first saw her new life was more than worth the wait.

Jolie needed about a week to get used to her new place, but after she accepted the fact that she would be living there permanently, she began to unwind. However, McCallum was impressed by how kind and delicate Jolie was during the entire procedure. The rescue had given the impression that she could have a hard time adjusting to things. She only wanted to be loved after everything she had gone through.


“While it took her a few weeks to warm up, Jolie is the sweetest cat I have ever met,” McCallum said. “She’s never hissed, scratched or tried to bite me. She has never once even acted out. She’s just a sweet soul who needed a loving home, and I’m so blessed and thankful that I have her here with me.”


Jolie knew she had arrived at her destination as soon as she peeked her head out of the carrier.

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