Orphaned Baby Rhino Falls In Love With Her Rescuers Cat And They’re Adorable Together

One day, Jamie Traynor from The Rhino Orphanage got a call to pick up a newly orphaned rhino, her name was Jamila.

She was very little and was attacked by a poacher with a machete while she was trying to protect her mom.

Staff will often blindfold and put earplugs on newly orphaned rhinos when they find a new one as it will reduce their stress. “When we pick them up, they don’t know what’s happening, and they’ve lost their mum.”

When a newly orphaned rhino comes to the orphanage, Jamie needs to spend a lot of time with them to gain their trust and get them to calm down a bit.

Since she was so small, Jamila stayed with humans a lot. So Mewie the cat who belonged to Jamie decided he would join in on the rhino babysitting.

“If we were sleeping in a room, Mewie would sleep there. If we went on a walk, he would join us there.”

Mewie was clearly interested in Jamila and was showing her attention, always trying to be with her. Jamila also responded well to this and a friendship began to blossom.

“I think Jamila really like the company, they were very cute together. To see a cat and a rhino together, I nearly died.”

See the full video of Jamie at The Rhino Orphanage:

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