Police ask for help to find the young man who kicked a rabbit 20 meters high

Animals deserve the same respect as human beings, who must ensure that their lives and their habitat are preserved so that they can develop freely, while guaranteeing their well-being.

Unfortunately, not everyone maintains this as a principle, and cases of animal abuse are a red statistic that continues to rise.

Some human beings unleash their disorders and violence on innocent beings who have no voice to defend themselves from such cruelty. Even in the midst of pain, the animals are so noble that they learn to trust again and appreciate the help they receive when they are rescued.

This case has caused a stir, social networks are inflamed after the publication of a video where a young man kicks a rabbit approximately 20 meters high as if it were a “soccer ball”.

The Spanish National Police is looking for the young man who threw the poor rabbit into the air, which received the impact of a kick while shouting “Cristiano Ronaldo!”.
The scenes were spread through social networks and the authorities launched a campaign to find the whereabouts of the person responsible for this crime of animal abuse.

The video was published on the web portal ‘Forocoches’, to denounce the fact and make those responsible appear to show their faces. The police have published an image on their Twitter profile, to request citizen help that allows them to identify the aggressor. You can visit his profile here.

It has not been possible to know the place where the video was recorded, it is presumed that it is a rural area of ​​Spain. The state of the rabbit after suffering such a horrible attack is also unknown.

But it is difficult for him to have recovered from such serious injuries when he hit the ground after ascending approximately 20 meters, most likely he died before the indifferent gaze of his aggressor and the one who recorded the video.

How sad! The poor little animal must have suffered a lot after being used as a “ball” by a ruthless man.

According to the laws established in Spain, the legal consequence for the aggressor could be a sentence from three months to one year in prison. Social network users are participating in the search and have expressed their rejection of this act of mistreatment.

We hope that the culprit manages to be located and that justice is done, a crime like that cannot go unpunished. He has no heart, share this shocking case with your friends.

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