Rare white snake found in Australia

A rare white snake was recently found in Australia. The white snake was rescued from the wild in Northern Territory, Australia.The rescuers later, handed over the rare white snake to the Territory Wildlife Park.

Although appearing to be albino at first sight, the lack of red eyes means that the snake has the Leucistic gene, which causes loss of pigmentation in the skin, but not the eyes.

A white snake was discovered in Australia with an “incredibly rare mutation” that left its skin a brilliant, pearly shade.

That’s according to Territory Wildlife Park in Berry Springs, which posted photographs of the snake on its Facebook page.

A local resident found the slaty-grey snake, which is typically dark brown in color, and gave it to the park on June 15, according to a statement.

The reptile’s lack of pink eyes indicates it’s not albino, the Mirror noted, retaining the partial pigmentation identified with leucism.

“The nocturnal snake will be placed in quarantine at the park to ensure it is free of any nasties that can harm our other animals and then be put on display for everyone to marvel at,” the park said in a statement.

New Delhi: Rare genetic mutation has led to the birth of a stunning white snake in Australia, that has not been seen ever before.

As per a Facebook post of Territory Wildlife Park, who possess the beautiful snake now after it was handed over to them by a local, an ‘incredibly rare genetic mutation’ has led to birth of this amazing serpent.

The non-venomous snake was rescued while being attacked by a dog and handed over to Territory Wildlife Park authorities, who now say that it will now be put on display.

The park, in the comments section of their facebook post, have clarified that that the snake is not albino but leucistic, meaning that there is partial loss of pigmentation in an animal.

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