Reporter Can’t Stop Laughing After Cat Interrupts News Segment To Demand His Attention

A cat suddenly emerged at the feet of Brazilian TV Paraiba reporter Artur Lira while he was recording a news report in front of a police station. In order to get his attention and the focus of the camera, the cat disrupted his shot.

Lira struggled to begin the composition and felt an animal brush up against his legs. A black-and-white cat could be seen pleadingly staring up at him as he looked down. The sudden interruption made Lira laugh out loud.


However, the cat was one step ahead of them when Lira went behind a vehicle to resume shooting. The feline got inside one of the cars and was standing in front of me, Lira recalled. When I could no longer take it, I burst out laughing.

Lira wrote, “He was so cute, you can’t be angry.” “I believe that this cat desired fame.”

People can’t get enough of Lira’s adorable story, which she wanted to share with the entire globe.

According to Globo News, the cat is a stray who’s being fed and watched over by police at the station. People told Lira that it was a done deal and the kitty had already chosen him. So, Lira is thinking of adopting the cat himself. However, the proposal wasn’t quite as straightforward as some might hope.

“People are asking me to adopt the cat,” he admitted. “I want to adopt him, but I’m trying to negotiate with my mother.”


Despite this, the cat was able to find a more long-term home with a family member of Lira, assuring that he would continue to get to see the cat. “Our dellegatto now has a home where he may experience more love and adoration. I frequently visit my aunt, who lives close by.

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