Rescue Kitten Went Crazy For Her Very First Puppuccino Ever

Meredith and her siblings were found outside in the rain, soaking wet and in desperate need of help. They were only around 3 weeks old and already incredibly sick, dealing with upper respiratory infections, eye infections and parasites, when they arrived in the care of Foster the Furbabies.

Credit: Foster the Fur Babies

Gianna Cirucci, co-founder of Foster the Furbabies, told The Dodo that Meredith was the runt of the litter and that no one knew if she or her siblings would live. Thankfully, they all flourished while under our care, but Meredith undoubtedly struggled.

Credit: Foster the Fur Babies

Even after her siblings had healed, Meredith struggled with eye issues for a while. After a few different infections and lots of vet visits, she was finally cleared for adoption, although the vet did say she may have some slight vision impairment going forward. Her rescuers were so thrilled to see her all healed, even though they knew they’d be sad to say goodbye.

“She was one of the very first cats we had saved since starting our rescue, and she’ll always be one of our favorites,” Cirucci said.

Credit: Foster the Fur Babies

Meredith’s rescuers wanted to do something special for her before she left for her permanent home after everything she had gone through, so they chose to take her to Starbucks to enjoy a frappuccino. Since Meredith has always had a slight obsession with food, they believed she would like the gift.

She had always been, and still is, “very passionate” about food, according to Cirucci. She tried to devour anything and anything. She would crawl up my body and attempt to either eat the food out of my mouth or fall face first into my plate if she scented whatever I was eating. This girl had a HUGE appetite for the runt of the litter.

Credit: Foster the Fur Babies

After going through the drive-through and ordering her a Puppuccino, her rescuers presented Meredith with her treat — and she immediately went nuts for it.

Credit: Foster the Fur Babies

“She automatically went head first into the cup, and we started recording her because it was a moment we never wanted to forget,” Cirucci said. “She had us laughing so hard, we were in tears and I was wheezing.”

Meredith couldn’t get enough of her treat since she was so pleased about it. Even the barista at the drive-through window couldn’t help but chuckle and take photographs of the silly, dirty kitty even with the whipped cream all over her.

Credit: Foster the Fur Babies

She had a nice time and loved her reward, but more of the pup cup ended up on her face than in her mouth, according to Cirucci. “She kept trying to bring the cup back to her face and was very angry when we wouldn’t let her have any more,” Cirucci said.

Credit: Foster the Fur Babies

Everyone went crazy over the lovely video of Meredith receiving her surprise, which they decided to upload online. Some people were worried about feeding dairy to cats, but Meredith’s rescuers did their homework and discovered that it’s okay for kittens to consume it occasionally. There’s no need to be concerned, as the majority of the whipped cream landed up on Meredith’s fur.

A few days after her special treat, Meredith went off to her forever home. She’s now all settled in and doing so well. She has cat siblings whom she absolutely adores, and is of course still obsessed with food. While her rescuers miss her, they’re so glad she found such a perfect home, and will always have the goofy video of her trying to eat a puppuccino to remember her by.

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