Rescued Cat Helps Other Kittens Get Better At The Vet

Fergus is a stunning white and brown cat that was treated at Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care in Agoura Hills, California (United States) for a major spinal injury. Now, the loving rescued cat works hard to assist the other kittens recover when they go to the clinic.
Dr. Rachel Wallach, a veterinary technician at the facility, stated:

“From the center of his back down, he was paralyzed.”

Dr. Rachel continued, saying:

“I did some preparation, and Fergus, or Ferg as we call him, still had feeling in his rear legs and tail. He couldn’t use or move them, but he could feel them when I struck them, which indicated he had an opportunity for him to walk and use the restroom again.”

His recuperation would be difficult and slow, but at the veterinary, they bet everything on the small cat.

Rachel stated:

“Ferg is a Scottish Fold, thus he required a Scottish name. I enrolled him in a veterinary school in Scotland and gave him the name Fergus, which means “Man of Strength.””

The doctor worked on treating the urinary tract infection, and each advancement of the cat was a source of joy for the clinic’s personnel; after a few weeks, Fergus was able to stand on his own.

Rachel remarked:

“I’d like to say it was related to our care, but it wasn’t. Fergus had been convinced to meet another feline friend.”

Salvador, the clinic cat, had been watching Fergus since he arrived, and it appeared like they were talking; both cats began to meow.

Rachel adds:

“Salvador stepped up to say hello when we positioned a seat in front of Fergus’ cage. Ferg stood up right away. We were overjoyed!”

Fergus began to make new acquaintances once he felt healthy enough to tour the site. When the clinic got a group of orphaned ducklings, the cat approached them and offered them some warmth and compassion, and the personnel of the clinic recognized a really rare trait in Fergus.

Dr. Rachel continued, saying:

“He came upon a dog suffering from heat stroke and approached him for the day he spent with us.”

Fergus is a fantastic resource for pets visiting the veterinarian clinic.

Rachel adds:

“He enjoys grooming our newest animals and ensuring their well-being. The night before my birthday, I received a call from an old coworker about ten kittens in need of a safe landing spot.”

One of those young kittens was in horrible shape, and as soon as his siblings were adopted, the little fluffy kitten was left in the care of the loving Fergus.

Skywalker, a little kitten, was discovered abandoned on the side of the road. The little guy arrived almost lifeless.

Rachel stated:

“His time on the streets had come to an end. Even with special care, the kitten did not flourish. We decided to try an adoptive parent when the fleas had gone away and he had no gastrointestinal troubles.”

Fergus took care of the young Skywalker, and when the kitten began to react, get food, and gradually acquire strength and advance, Fergus did not abandon him and remained by his side until he reached the age of a teenager.

Oliver, a little kitten, recently came; his tail was damaged and had to be removed; the little one was extremely courageous and meowed loudly the morning after his treatment.

Everyone at the clinic realized who was the best person to assist him in his rehabilitation. When he was taken by Fergus, the small cat snuggled up in his arms and the two of them enjoyed a lengthy slumber.

When Fergus sees a new animal arriving at the clinic, he approaches them and attempts to soothe them. The compassionate cat is only trying to repay all the help he received upon his arrival.

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