Shelter Worker Sees Cat With Unique Face And Knows She Needs To Take Her Home

Onyx was discovered as a stray with her babies, and the entire family was sent to Butler County Humane Society, where the kittens could receive the care they required until they were old enough to be adopted. Everyone expected the small, gorgeous kittens to be adopted fast, but they had a sense it might take a little longer for their mother.


Onyx was born with a congenital cleft palate. A vet was called to the shelter to examine her, and it was found that she did not require surgery. When she’s eating, a bit of food will get caught and she’ll sneeze until it comes loose again, but other than that, her cleft palate has no effect on her. It merely gives her a new appearance.

Most people seemed to be hesitant to adopt Onyx because of her unusual appearance – except for Cindy Houk.


Houk had only been working at the shelter for a few weeks when Onyx came, and she knew she wanted to adopt her the moment she saw her.

“The first time I saw her, I fell in love with her,” Houk told The Dodo. “I have two special needs children, and I just have a soft spot in my heart for everyone who has unique needs.” “There was something so lovely about her charming face.”

Houk had a feeling Onyx was supposed to be a part of her family. Unfortunately, new shelter staff must wait 90 days before they may adopt. Meanwhile, Houk paid daily visits to Onyx, becoming more and more in love with her with each visit.


No one seemed interested in adopting Onyx as the days passed. No one could see how wonderful she was, but Houk interpreted it as a sign that she was meant to be the one to bring her home.

“I showed cats to a lot of people who wanted to adopt, and no one wanted her,” Houk said. “It was terrible, but at the same time, I was overjoyed that my time would come and I would be able to take her home.”


As the 90-day milestone approached, Houk brought her kids in to meet Onyx, and they instantly fell in love with her as well. Her particular requirements were not a hindrance to them. Her one-of-a-kind face gave me a cause to grin. Being unusual has always been appealing to Houk and her family.

“After my daughter, who has Down syndrome, saw Onyx, she returned home and informed her father that Onyx deserved to be a part of our family since she, too, had unique needs,” Houk explained. “I simply needed her because I knew she deserved a nice family that would adore her exactly as she is.”


The wait was finally ended. Because no one had applied to adopt Onyx, Houk could formally welcome her into her family. Onyx has been in her new home for a few weeks now and she adores it. She was hesitant at the shelter, but as soon as she stepped into her new home, her personality exploded, and she’s now the most energetic, loud cat around.


“She never stops talking,” stated Houk. “I adore it!” says the author. She is incredibly amusing. When she sees us first thing in the morning, she smiles. It’s a wonderful sensation. She has to play with five other cats, all of them are rescues, as well as a large, playful dog. For the remainder of Onyx’s life, we intend to spoil her. She is simply ideal for my family!”

Most people avoided Onyx due to her oddities, but her new family wouldn’t have it any other way.

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