Soaked In Her Own Urine This Dog Was Just 4 Pounds When She Was Rescued From Shelter

The weight of the puppies is between 2-6 pounds, but have you ever seen an adult dog weigh just 4 pounds? A foundation in Chicago called Trio Animal Foundation received a 4-pound dog. The poor dog was roughly blinded and emaciated by matted fur, writes thepetneeds

She was not able to stand and was covered in her urine. She was taken to Trio Animal Foundation partner vet for handling.

The temperature of the dog, Shih Tzu’s body, who then named Liz, was really low which it did not register on any thermometers. The natural weight of an adult Shih Tzu should be between 9-12 pounds, but Liz’s weight was just four!

She broke the logic, she was still alive! After they took her for some hours, her body’s temperature started rising. She was given some chicken’s pieces and some fluids.

She slowly improved, but after some days, she was not able to stand, but she could not able to stand yet. No one knows who did this to Liz, she was brought to the shelter by a good Samaritan. !

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Source: thepetneeds.com

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