Stray Cat Brings Her Baby To The ER For A “Check-Up”

Merve Ozcan was waiting for her father in Istanbul’s Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Hospital when she noticed an unusual patient stroll into the waiting room.

A stray cat came in the hospital corridor, carrying her baby in her mouth, and confidently went along the corridor.

The cat seemed to know precisely where she was headed, according to Ozcan. “I was shocked to see her since she seemed to know [the hospital] better than I did,” Ozcan told The Dodo. “It was clear she knew where she wanted to go.”

Ozcan was concerned about her father, a recovering COVID-19 patient scheduled for a follow-up exam. The small animal and her young, on the other hand, quickly brightened the mood.

The overworked hospital employees were ecstatic to meet the cat and take a little break to play with her and her baby.

“The medical staff was also quite thrilled to see the cat and kitten, and they went to them and loved and cared for them,” Ozcan said. “I believe it was a cat that staff were already familiar with, and there were people who had seen it there previously.”

Fortunately, the cat was not seeking medical assistance, and her youngster looked to be well. The new mother had merely discovered where to go for milk and pets.

“She wasn’t unwell, but she wanted to stand there,” Ozcan said. “While the doctors loved on her and her baby, she stood safely next to them.”

Ozcan took a couple photographs of the nice encounter and shared them on Twitter on Monday, where they quickly went viral. As a cat owner, Ozcan was relieved to see the tiny family receiving such loving care. “Cats are quite widespread in my culture,” Ozcan said. “However, I was taken aback to witness such a thing in an emergency room for the first time.”

Stray cats are prevalent in Turkey and are fed on a regular basis by the local community. However, with eateries closed due to the quarantine, stray animals have suffered as well.

The Turkish government has advised local governments to increase their efforts to feed stray cats and dogs in order to keep citizens off the streets.

After giving the kitten a cursory inspection, the staff recommended that the kitten be sent to a veterinarian just to be cautious. The mother cat, on the other hand, was afraid to leave her guardians. “Even after we departed, the two were still there, standing boldly among the cops,” Ozcan added.

It simply goes to show that, no matter how busy physicians are right now, they are always willing to serve everyone who walks through the door.

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