Stray Kitten Falls Asleep As Soon As A Truck Driver Rescues Her And She Finally Feels Safe

A young man named Matt noticed something strange on the side of the road and realized it was a helpless kitten. “I found this little lady in the middle of a busy road and stopped to pick her up,” he wrote. “She was crawling along the road in an area surrounded only by woods, so either she was born there and the mother didn’t pass on the whole litter, or someone just threw her away.”

He immediately fell in love with the little kitten: “I found a stray cat snoring like a train!” Matt wrote about the little animal. He then made sure she was okay. “The next day I took her to the vet to get all the fleas removed, and when I did she immediately fell asleep in the car. I didn’t dare wake her when I got home, so I sat quietly for an hour with the radio off until she woke up.

This kitty came across Matt while he was driving.

,,The cat immediately fell asleep in my truck. I didn’t have the heart to wake her up as soon as I got home.”

Matt managed to find the perfect home for this little cuteness.

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