Stray Kitten Wanders Up To Governor’s House — And Gets The Best Welcome

Jenny was a stray in North Carolina until she happened to stroll up to the North Carolina Executive Mansion, where Governor Roy Cooper and his family live, one day in late October. She took refuge in the garage and was promptly discovered by the family, who had the best reaction to finding the small invader.

The governor and his family agreed to keep the adorable kitty after examining her and ensuring her health. Governor Cooper and his family already had a slew of furry members on their team, and they knew the wayward cat would fit right in.

“We don’t know where she came from or how she got there, but we’ve begun calling her Jennyanydots (like the character from ‘Cats,’)” a member of the family said on the Facebook page of First Pets of North Carolina.

Jenny’s life on the streets has resulted in her being one of the first pets…

… and she’s loving every minute of her new life thus far.

“She’s cheerful, chatty, and likes ‘searching’ specific patterns on the carpet,” according to the Facebook page.

Other pets at the North Carolina Executive Mansion besides Jenny include Alexei, Addy, Forrest, and Aria the cats, Ben and Rusty the dogs, and more. Jenny has been apprehensive of Ben so far since he is so much bigger than her, according to ABC News, but otherwise the kitten appears to be getting in perfectly with her new family.

Governor Cooper and his family have always been major animal lovers, as seen by the many animals they share their house with, and they are overjoyed that they will be able to provide Jenny with a loving permanent home.

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