Students Surprised The Teacher With Two Rescue Kittens After She Lost Her 16 Year Old Cat

Blondie, Tonya Andrew’s beloved 16-year-old cat, died in her arms as she hurried him to the veterinarian. The instructor at Joshua High School was shattered. The next day at school, I sobbed pretty much through every period, said Andrew.

Fortunately, her pupil thought a lot of her and had prepared a present for her to cheer her up. With flowers, cupcakes, and two kitties, they entered her class. By that point, Andrews recalled, “I was grinning so broadly because I could feel the love of the class.” But then Rachel entered the room carrying two adorable kittens.

At first, Andrews thought that the kittens were brought just to play with. “Then she held them out to me and said they were mine…my heart can now experience happiness again.”

“Rachel walked in holding two precious kittens,” said Andrews.

Credit: Andrews

When she held them out to me, she said they belonged to her. Now that my heart may feel joy once more.

Credit: Andrews

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