The World’s Longest Domestic Cat | Guinness World Records 123 cm (48.5 in) Long (VIDEO)

Actually they are very domesticated I’ve seen first hand, Ashwell some states do realize them as domesticated others don’t for some stupid reason. They aren’t harmful they’re very sweet. This beautiful cat “Stewie” died at the age of 7 after being diagnosed with cancer behind the eye. The heavy doses of chemotherapy and radiation used as treatment only spread the cancer further and made it more aggressive, as poison treatment often does.

Lovely cat, but you have to be aware, they may have heart problems as in all cases of gigantisms, as they get older. Also arthritis. I hope of course, that this doesn’t happen and he lives long and happily. I wonder if anyone thinks he might be part bobcat, of course he sure isn’t a hybrid because that cat looks like a pure Maine coon cat, but looking at her holding him he sure does remind me of a bobcat because that is generally how long they are.

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