They catch a bear lying comfortably on an abandoned mattress in Canada

That little bear was captured in a comical scene. Keira Mamakwa works for a national park in Ontario , Canada . And she knows more than anyone that ferocious animals can live in these wooded areas , which is better to avoid or let be to avoid an accident. But she never imagined that during a walk near her house she would come across a sight that would make thousands of people around the world laugh.

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Mamakwa became the unexpected paparazzi for a huge bear , one of nature’s fiercest hunters; but that far from threatening any prey, he was placidly lying on a mattress that he found abandoned. Even these animals need a break from time to time.

a bear nap
Keira shared the images through her personal Facebook profile , with the description “just having a good time”. Luckily for her, the animal was too comfortable to bother in any way and chase after her. Instead, she just looked at her reproachfully, hoping they’d let them continue her nap in peace and quiet.

Fortunately, Keira was able to take some photos of this curious black bear . And his original Facebook post with the images has been so well received by the internet community that it already has more than 1 million reactions and more than 300 comments. This furry four-legged friend who just wanted to rest for a while unknowingly became a social media sensation .

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Remember that if you come across any wild animals in the wild, especially ones with the size and strength of a bear, the best thing to do is to let them be and alert the authorities to their presence in the area. As a stuntman, Keira Mamakwa did the right thing by not getting too close and just taking a few photos before leaving. This way you prevent both you and the animal from being in any danger.

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