This Cat Knocks On The Neighbor’s Door For Treats And It Becames Her Daily Visit

This audacious fluffy kitty has been spying and asking for love in her neighbor for over a year. Turns out, the white cat keeps looking for the surrogate human next door by the time she recognizes she deserves two families. Knowing that is the neighbor’s cat, an Imgur user Antoine2449 has consistently documented her every day.

It all started when Mama the cat came to the porch and suspiciously stared at the user through the window. Antoine2449 spotted the different-colored eyes cat who seemed to ask the user to open the door, so this person did. The kitty showed her hospitality to her friendly neighbor with a lot of purrs and headbutts as if she had known this family for a long time.

After being patiently taking the cat’s photos for a year, the user finally posted all of them with the caption: “Neighbors cat likes to come over and beg for treats. Caught her mid-meow.”

But let’s face it, who could ignore this little white ball of fluff?

Whenever the family didn’t show up, Mama would perch at the patio and keep an eye on the window until they saw her. Once she succeeded, she would use the paws to knock on the glass to get some pets and treats as usual.

“She meows and paws at the window or patio window to try and get our attention. If she doesn’t see us she will sleep on the patio furniture waiting for us.” – The user said.

Do you love this adorable visitor? Would you embrace the cat’s requests if she shows up? Let us know and share with us what you think!

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