This family of cranes helps a small alligator to cross the street

This family of cranes helps a small alligator to cross the street

While in her car with her family, a woman managed to capture the moment when cranes help a small alligator to cross the street

While driving with his family to a craft store in Saint Cloud, Florida (United States), Mallery Neptune was forced to stop his car to allow unexpected passers-by to safely cross the street. A small alligator emerged from the grass and ventured across the road, followed by some long-legged cranes.

Mallery had previously come across the family of cranes lounging in the grass on the opposite side of the street. As the little alligator headed in that direction, the woman realized that the cranes were trying to protect her territory.

The woman told The Dodo :

“Out of the corner of my eye I saw something moving in the grass. My arm went [out] and hit my husband in the chest and I yelled, ‘Honey! For the car! There’s an alligator across the street! He hit the brakes and we watched the scene unfold.”

Cranes helps a small alligator to cross the street

Mallery tells:

“I was really hoping it would stay familiar as my little ones were in the car with their eyes glued to the alligator. The cranes were on his tail. At first, it seemed like a game of follow the leader, but once the crocodile was out on the street, the cranes stepped forward to guide him home.”

The family managed to watch as the cranes spread their wings and protected the crossing as they gently tried to redirect the alligator and headed in the opposite direction.

Mallery recalls:

“It was amazing to see them use their wings to increase their size and redirect the alligator. They were definitely a team that worked as a united front.”

The little alligator got the message and headed back to the pond, and the adorable cranes accompanied him to the water to make sure he got home safely. For the woman and her family, this animal interaction was an incredible experience.

Mallery assured:

“We have seen alligators sunning themselves around the ponds, but we have never seen one cross the road or interact with the cranes in this way. It was so much fun to witness these amazing animals!”

At first, the woman recorded the scene to show it to her father, but when she saw the video again, she wanted to share it with people and posted it on her social networks. In no time the video went viral.

Mallery added:

“I decided to post it because all the interaction was making us laugh, and I thought some of my friends might enjoy the laugh too. Laughter is contagious and we all could use a good laugh right now.”

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