To Save A Scared Cat Police Stopped A Train And Jumped Onto The Tracks (Video Inside)

In the video below, police officers rescue a scared cat from railroad tracks and return him to his owner at a New York City subway station.

When Mila Rusafova, the cat’s owner, and George were returning from the veterinarian, a commotion scared George, who leaped out of Mila and onto the track. Sadly, there was a train in the distance, and it was quickly approaching.

Mila became frantic and other people came to alarm the subway conductor to halt the MTA train. After that, Officers Brian Kenny and Gus Vargas showed up on the scene and jumped into the tracks to help the little cat before it could wander farther away.

“He was panting, he was petrified,” Officer Brian Kenny said. “He didn’t move a muscle. The third rail was within four inches of his tail.”

“He looked at us. I picked him up, he reached for both of my shoulders like a baby. He almost hugged me,” Kenny said. “I love animals. Nothing would have happened to George. We were going to make sure of it.”

We are grateful that these men came to our rescue despite the fact that it resulted in lengthy train delays. They made every effort to rescue the helpless baby.

Please share this amazing film with all the animal lovers you know.

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