VIDEO: Kangaroo that had fallen into quicksand and was rescued by teenagers

Two young men were riding their motorcycles when they found a kangaroo sunk in mud and quicksand, they decided to act quickly and save it

In Sydney , Australia , two young men were riding their motorcycles through a landscape in the area when they noticed two ears protruding from the surface. They decided to get closer and soon noticed that the ears belonged to a kangaroo , which was stuck in the quicksand and mud, about to die. When the 19-year-olds approached, the mud was already up to his neck.

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The poor animal wasn’t even moving anymore, he was so tired after trying to free himself. Thus, the two boys undertook a dangerous rescue to save the life of this helpless kangaroo, and their adventure became a special of the 9 News network and the WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation .

The young people took a risk to save the kangaroo
Quicksand is dangerous because much of what goes in never comes out again. But Nick Health and his friend Jack Donelly decided the animal had to be saved. So, Nick tied a rope around his waist , so he could get closer to the kangaroo. When he succeeded, he placed a rope around his body as well. Meanwhile, Jack held the rope from a safe distance, on a stable surface. Here you can see the rescue :

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After removing the animal , they realized that it was extremely scared and nervous. Then, they deposited it for a moment on a firm surface. The boys think the kangaroo got stuck there while looking for water to drink . After removing it, they immediately contacted the experts at WIRES Australian WildLife Rescue , due to the poor condition it was in. Only professionals knew how to clean the thick layer of mud that covered his body and provide him with the medical attention he needed.

Once sedated, the experts were able to bathe him with warm water and get rid of all the mud. They then increased his body temperature and gave him the fluids he needed to survive. Nick was uninjured after the rescue and both he and Jack became heroes after saving the kangaroo.

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