What Should You Do When A Snake Approaches You?

All wild animals avoid humans and are frightened of them. Snakes are also wild creatures with similar traits. Snakes are not inherently inquisitive creatures, and they will shun unfamiliar items. They, like wild creatures, only a.tt.ack when they are in pa.in, fe.ar, or dan.ger. Snakes listen with their feet, look for vibrations on the ground, and respond accordingly. They are aware of the vibrations of prey and a thre.at.

So, if they detect vibrations that are greater than a target they can fight or hunt, they will either stay put to avoid becoming prey or crawl away to avoid being wounded or disturbed. As a result, it’s always a good idea to bear this in mind. The goal is to avoid doing anything dumb. Only the greatest constrictor snakes, such as an anaconda or reticulated python, would attack people, and only if they are starving and desperate. All other snakes make every effort to avoid humans. A poisonous snake cannot devour a human and will only a.tta.ck to defend itself.

If you remain cool, do not approach the snakes (they will want to avoid you), and do not disturb them, you may die from dehydration or hunger rather than snakebites. Unfortunately, most people panic when they see snakes and do silly things like being aggressive, extremely scared, or attempting to .k.i.ll them. Of course, the snakes will protect themselves. The adder is Scandinavia’s only poisonous snake (Vipera berus). A single snake’s venom is typically not enough to .ki.ll an adult human person, but it will surely make you si.ck.

Elisabeth Rehn, one of our UN delegates, was hospitalized a few years ago due to a snakebite — she had accidentally trodden on an adder at her vacation property.

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