Woman Arrives At The Shelter For 3 Kittens But Could Not Leave This Little Orphan Behind (Video)

A young orphan kitten is extremely glad to be in a loving home with new adopted siblings with whom he can grow up, thanks to Jess Thoren, a foster mother who manages KittenBnB in Hoboken, New Jersey, who was in a shelter to pick up three felines and couldn’t leave the little guy there.

Jess was able to view the adorable orphan kitten that was alone and defenseless among the other kittens.

The little boy was considerably younger than the others and in severe need of a foster home, and Jess couldn’t bear the thought of him being alone at the shelter.


Because the small boy had no set destination, the woman volunteered to take the kitten home with the other three felines.


Frankie (Victor Frankenstein) the cat quickly relaxed into his new home and lay down on his nice bed full of blankets. Frankie needed to be bottle-fed 24 hours a day, since he weighed 250 grams, and he required a lot of particular care, but most of all, he needed a lot of love.


Despite being the tiniest kitten, Frankie reached out to his adopted siblings and was determined to keep up with them no matter what.

KittenBnB’s Erik Thoren said on Facebook:

“He’s only a week or two younger than the others, but he’s maturing quickly.”


The gentle kitten is quite content in his new home surroundings, and having other feline companions to keep him company helps every day thrive to the fullest. The other kittens adore him as if he were a blood sibling, and they have welcomed him and included him in all of their schemes since the beginning.


While Frankie gradually regains his equilibrium, he enjoys watching everything his brothers do in order to learn from the best. When the other kittens walk, run, and play, he attempts to emulate them. Despite falling a few times, the small kid is incredibly confident and bold.


After a full day of activity, the little boy prefers to cuddle up close to his adopted siblings and purr until he falls asleep. He is gaining weight and strength, and his personality is gradually forming; it appears that nothing and no one can stop him.

With the help of the other cats, Frankie is developing into a lively and naughty kitten that is causing havoc in the house. But when it’s time to go to bed, he likes to wrap himself in the arms of his adoptive brothers for a secure and peaceful night’s sleep.


Frankie lavishes unending embraces on his buddies and fills the home with gorgeous purrs; despite being the youngest, he has a lot of love to share. Despite a rough start in life, the young kitten and his siblings are embracing and enjoying their new life every day.


Soon, all kittens will be old enough to be placed for adoption and given the permanent home they deserve.


Sweet Frankie was lonely in the shelter when Jess discovered him, but she understood just what he needed, and today he is flourishing to be happy with a family.

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