Woman Catches Her Senior Dog Snuggling A Stray Cat On The Porch

Cheeky has never met a cat she couldn’t get along with. Because of her laid-back demeanor and the many foster kittens her mom, Liz Heck, takes in, the 14-year-old dog is an expert when it comes to dealing with them.


Cheeky, on the other hand, recently encountered one cat that proved to be a challenge.

A stray cat began visiting Cheeky’s family’s front porch around six months ago to eat the free food that Heck sets out for needy animals in the area. The stray cat grew bolder over time and chose to examine the rest of Heck’s property.


Heck told The Dodo, “She crawled over the fence into our property.” “My wife walked outside to let Cheeky out without realizing the cat was there, and the cat became afraid and scratched Cheeky on the nose.”

The encounter had a profound effect on both creatures. But Heck and her wife realized the cat was visiting for a reason: she needed a secure place to stay.


“We then gradually introduced Cheeky to the cat, assuring her that Cheeky would not harm her,” Heck explained. “Now, [the cat] has barely left our backyard or porch in the last five days.”


Heck had no idea how close Cheeky and the stray cat, now named Sushi, had grown until she came outside one day and discovered the two animals cuddling contentedly in the sun. Cheeky had clearly done her charm, winning over the anxious cat.

“When Sushi comes outdoors, she enjoys hanging out with Cheeky,” Heck added. “So we now placed cat food on the back porch for her and a heating pad in a box on the back porch where she rests at night.”

“Cheeky is too large for the heating pad, but when it’s sunny, she just walks outside to rest on her dog bed or on the grass, and the cat loves to rub up on her and let Cheeky clean her head,” she added.


Sushi looks to be spayed and “ear tipped,” but Heck intends to vaccinate her once she feels more comfortable with humans.

“We make certain she is kept warm and has access to fresh food and water,” Heck posted on Reddit. “I’m going to get her flea treatment and take her to the clinic for vaccinations since she’s decided my back porch is her house and my dog is her dog.”

Sushi is warmed to the thought of having a family and will come inside at night if it becomes too chilly. While the stray cat likes her independence, it’s evident she enjoys having someone to hug and play with.

And the more cat buddies Cheeky has, the better.

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