Woman Finds a Newborn Human Baby Crying And Tucked In Between Litter Of Stray’s Pups

Meet the feral dog with a heart of gold. Her name is Way. She is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The stray had just given birth to a litter of puppies and when she meets someone in need, she does everything she can to take care of them. Way had always managed to survive on the streets, but now she had more mouths to feed, so she looked around for anything she could find. It was winter in Argentina, so she had to hurry.

Meanwhile, Way found a baby in an alleyway, apparently abandoned by his mother. The dog quickly realized that the baby needed to be hold warm. Way rushed to her puppies and one by one, she carried them around the newborn. Then she wrapped her body around the group as best she could.

The following morning, a local resident heard the newborn baby crying. Her name is Alejandria Griffin. When she went to check on him, she was stunned. A stray dog had adopted the abandoned baby. She called the police straight away.

The child, now called Santino, was taken to the emergency room where he received emergency medical attention. Alejandria told the story of the stray dog and doctors firmly believe that without the dog’s heroic act, the boy would have died. Way was received like a hero. Santino was doing extremely well compared to what he had been through, thanks to the excellent care Way gave him.

The police eventually managed to find the child’s mother, a 33-year-old woman from Buenos Aires who already had eight other children. She was arrested and charged with abandoning the baby. Way was placed in a local shelter and she and her babies were cared for until she found a new home.

An incredible story in every sense!

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